A Glimpse at my soul

Together my husband and I own and run ArtGraf.co and Artgrafcars.pl. We simply design and create advertising, car wrapping and interior solutions for businesses and private clients right across Poland and Europe. My current concept „Add Your Story” is breathing life on meganpoparda.com. When I’m not in the office I’m probably driving the car, traveling somewhere to get muddy with my two sons or cooking my tomato soup (don’t forget the mozzarella!), which is considered the best (seriously :-))
I live to be happy – Enter my world

www.artgraf.co www.artgrafcars.pl

..a pice of fashion..MEGAN ..wallpapers..Walfre

My passion drives me to create; to create, print and compose tactile materials and wallpapers for any room in your home and office. I also use soft touch fabrics to create dresses and handbags. They are mostly inspired by traditional style whit a modern twist.

Creating my own brands of products, limited edition of clothes .. a piece of fashion..MEGAN, artistic and unique wallpapers .. Walfre, I offer my knowledge and experience on the market to make sure that my clientscan customize their space to their needs and individual preferences.


My artistic expression: https://ello.co/meganpoparda


I have a great passion for styling and design. I am interested in helping clients discover how to arrange their surroundings to suit their practical needs in line with their individual taste and personal character.

We can work together to find solutions concerning your home, business environment as well as updating your wardrobe. My experience ranges from wallpapers, graphics to photography, interior design, car wrapping and fashion styling.

I can introduce you to colours, patterns and different concepts of space management as well as help you choose materials, products and service providers you need to fulfil your aesthetic needs.

I offer my knowledge and experience of the market to make sure my clients can customize their space according to their needs and individual preferences taking into account the budget at their disposal.

Let me be your personal stylist and inventor of everyday solutions. Let’s do it together…in style.